Monday, April 2, 2012

My Fair Wedding With David Tutera Season 5 Season Finale

Yay!!! Finally the day has come where I can disclose photos and information on the episode of My Fair Wedding With David Tutera that I worked on. I have worked on the show before. Both times I did two of the bridesmaid's makeup. This time I also did the mother of the bride's makeup. Working on these shows are so much fun. Although the two hour drive and 10 hour work day is a bit tiring, it is all worth it in the end. I want to share a few behind the scenes photos with you as well as encourage you to watch the episode.

Waiting around before it's time for hair and makeup!

Here I am workin hard doing one of the bridemaid's makeup.
The motehr of the bride. She was so sweet. That is me by the way! (If you couldn't tell from the blonde and red hair!)

How beautiful were their dresses?! I did her makeup as well!

Gettin ready behind the scenes!
The three of them together were so beautiful!

Mom and daughter. I did the mother's makeup as well!
One of the last photos before the ceremony :)

 Me and David Tutera Behind the scenes (of the first episode that I worked on with him)

I also want to give photo credit to the wonderful Della White! All of the photos with her name on them were taken by her. She is such a talented young woman. You can find her at

Here is some footage I took of some of the filming and the end result for the bridal party's makeup :)

Thank you all so much for stopping by. I really hope you enjoyed some of these behind the scenes photos. Have a wonderful week! xoxo