Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY Prom Perfect Nails :)

Today I finally reached 100 subscribers on Youtube! I know many of you are thinking "Wow, that's nothing..." but to me this is huge! I am just so happy that I can reach out to all of your sparkling hearts and teach you new things to not make your makeup stand out, but you! I just wanted to give a big thanks to all of you who have subscribed and have supported me :)

Next, I'm sure you all watched the royal wedding. How absolutely gorgeous was Kate Middleton's dress?!? I am in looove! It is so perfect for her, classy yet chic. She is absolutely beautiful isn't she? Wouldn't you just love to be the one that gets to do her makeup on that day! I bet he/she was so nervous! Ha Ha Ha

Today i made a video (Yayyyy!!!) about how to get salon looking nails in the comfort of your own home :) These french manicured nails are perfect for prom, weddings, special events, and of course just to keep our pretty little hands lookin pretty :)

Here is the video

The products I used in this video:
Sally Hansen Double Duty Nail Strengthening Base/Top Coat
OPI Sweet Heart Nail Polish
Wet N' Wild White Nail Polish (this was only 94 cents at target!!)
OPI Nicole Drying Drops
Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat
Scotch Tape

As always you don't need the exact products I used. You just need a white nail polish, a top coat, scotch tape, and maybe a neutral color to paint for the background (but you don't even NEED that). I hope you all try this out and save loads of $$$ from salons!

 Royal Weddings and Prom Nails....Kelly :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inexpensive Eyebrows!

Hello everyone!

I realize that along with my last video/blog post on my inexpensive foundation routine it seems that I am doing a lot of drugstore based tutorials. The reason for that is because I have always been the kind of shopper that looks for the best items to buy at a low price that is still good quality. I have been doing this for  years so I know a lot about what to buy and what to stay away from. Today I will be sharing my favorite inexpensive/drugstore products that will create absolutely flawless eyebrows! These are products that I use on myself every single day. I don't find it necessary to pay so much more for higher brands when there are cheaper items that work just as well.

Here is the video of me showing you how to achieve these perfect eyebrows step by step :)

The first product I use is the Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Medium Brown. This is a great color for those of you who have blond, dirty blond, and maybe even light brown. Those of you with a medium brown hair I would use the Dark Brown color. For those of you with black hair, do NOT use black!! Some people look good using a black pencil but it can just make your eyebrows look very unnatural. This product can be found at just about any drugstore, Wal Mart, Target, and even Ulta.

The elf products I use can be found at target. If the target near you doesn't carry it (which is unlikely), you can also buy these products on the elf website. You can't go wrong with $1 makeup right?!?! Ha Ha Ha.
The second product I use in the video is the elf eyebrow kit. This isn't a necessary product if you have an eyeshadow that is a little bit lighter than your natural brow hair color. This product just happens to be the perfect color with my skin complexion and hair color. It also happens to cost less than most eyeshadows which is nice. I use the color Medium.
The Final product I use in the video is the elf wet gloss lash&brow clear mascara. This helps to comb your eyebrow hairs in the right direction as well make each individual hair a bit more visible to help acquire a more natural looking eyebrow.
As always, you can comment or message me with any questions you may have about any of the products/steps mentioned.
I hope you all leave your house tomorrow with perfect eyebrows hehe :)

One dollar makeup and flawless eyebrows...Kelly

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Essentials for applying makeup on other people!

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to share a few things that I have learned from some of my training lately :)
To keep everything completely hygienic you need a few essential items.
First, you need brush cleaner, pencil sharpener and at least 70% alcohol. The brush cleaner helps to sanitize, wash, and condition brushes while the alcohol can clean makeup products like lipstick. There are plenty of brands of good brush cleaner, what i generally use is the Mac brush cleaner because its very available and priced fairly. Pencil sharpener is essential because once you use a pencil you must sharpen it so that only new product is showing.
 (you don't by any means need a nars one, this just showed that you want a big and little opening)

For sanitary appliance there are a few basic things need.
Palettes and spatulas are completely necessary. To scoop a product like lipstick, lipgloss, creme blush, cream eyeshadow, or anything that is not completely solid, you need a spatula. You must apply the product to a palette so spatual isn't contaminated with dirty brushes which in return will contaminate your products.
When it comes to actually applying the makeup, there are several different options. With mascara you can use disposable mascara wands or what I think is even better is a fan brush. A very thin one at that, what you need to do is have a clean, uncontaminated mascara that you apply to the fan brush and onto the eyelashes. You can't apply the mascara onto the fan brush more than once or it will contaminate the mascara. A very thin small fan brush is definitely favorable.
Last but not least, we will talk about foundation application. Of course you can use a brush and as long as you have brush cleaner with you, you can clean the brush and reuse it. But disposable sponges are always awesome to have just in case and for those times you don't have time to clean the brush between faces! (don't buy those ones from the dollar store ha ha ha)

I hope you all found this to be a little helpful! As always if you have any questions please message me or leave me a comment :) I always reply!
 Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flawless Foundation For Cheap!

Hey everyone :)
Today I posted a video describing the best drugstore foundation routine. The Revlon Colorstay is a product I highly recommend and use on a daily basis. I would say if there is one thing to buy out of all of the products I used, that would be the one. Here is the video, check it out :) My last blog post speaks about a few of the products that I use in this tutorial so if you just scroll down you can see a little more detail on my overall view on these products (and you can also learn how to make your makeup stay on all during those hot summer days or night hehe)!

 Click here to watch it! :)

The Products Used:
Revlond Beyond Natural Face Primer
Revlon Colorstay in the color 110 Ivory
Loreal Bare Naturals Translucent Poweder
Elf Undereye Concealer and Highlighter
Maybelline Mousse concealer in the color Light01

These are all amazing products that will save you so much at the end of the day! My biggest recommendation would be to buy the Revlon Colorstay Foundation and Beyond Natural primer but I do think that the Mac studio finish concealers are the best of the best when it comes to blemishes and under eye circles. So if there was one thing from a higher brand that you could afford, I would pick that! Unless you're trying to hide giant pores, any transclucent powder is going to do the job whether you choose Loreal, Sonia Kashuk, or expensive brands like Makeup Forever :)

I hope you all found this very helpful! Stay tuned for my next video which is flawless eyebrows using all drugstore products! Yay for saving money!

I hope you all have a beautiful rest of your day or night (whatever time it is when you are reading this hehe)

Money saving and flawless skin....Kelly

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am still infatuated with yellow eyeshadow and tried a new combination today! Yellow, Coral, Pink, and Green. The outcome is my favorite so far. The colors are soo "spring-ey" ha ha ha.
Mac's Yellow primary pigment
Mac's Pollyandor Eyeshadow
Mac's Lime Eyeshadow
Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline
Covergirl LashBlastVolume

It's always important to experiment with combining different colors because it's the best way of learning how to combine colors and overall put a look together! :)

Because of the hot weather we have been experiencing lately I thought it would be good to share a few important products that can help your face makeup stay on and last throughout the entire day.

First, make sure you have a good face primer.
 I recommend the laura mercier primer. Of course you want to get the the primer that accommodates your skin whether you have oily, dry, or normal skin. Especially if you have oily skin because you don't want to put a primer on your face that will add even more unwanted luminosity or shine to your face.

The loreal studio secret is a great cheap alternative that can be found at target or most drugstores.
Secondly, an eye primer is important for those who have oily lids and who wear their makeup for long periods of time. My all time favorite is the Urban Decay Primer Potion in the color Eden. I recommend this over any of the mac paint pots because the mac paint pots are just creme eyeshadows that work as a base but will crease and fade after hours of wear. I like the UD primer potion in the color eden because it cancels our any veins or redness you may have on your eye lids. AND, UD has finally stepped it up and put their primers in a squeeze bottle rather than in the old packaging in which you had to cut in half to get all the product out! I'm sure after a couple of missing fingers (ha ha ha) they finally decided to make the squeeze bottle not only allowing for easier product dispensation but a more sanitized way of getting product.

Also, for those of you who wear your makeup all day for more than 8-10 hours, I recommend a makeup setting spray.
Urban decay makes a very accesible one that can be found at sephora and ulta. Just like the face primer, make sure you find the one fitting to your face because you don't want to add a dewey finish to your face if you have oily skin and vice versa.

The upside of the urban decay setting spray is that it's quite easy to get ahold of but i don't think that it's the BEST setting spray. The brand that i do highly recommend is the skindanavia setting sprays, especially the bridal one. That one lasts ALL day and your makeup will not budge you also have to take into consideration whether you want a more matte finish or if you want to improve the look of mature skin. For most people, I would recommend the bridal one though. Like Urban Decay, the Skindanavia setting sprays come in an array of of options depending on your skin type. I think that these need to be found online.
Finally, a longlasting foundation is best. I find that the best foundation is the Revlon colorstay that is very comparable to many high makeup brand foundations. This foundation is best for those with normal to oily skin because of it's drying matte finish. My skin is normal to dry and it works just fine! I haven't seen it but I think that there is one made for dry skin too but you would probably have to order it online if you don't see it at target or whatever drugstore you go to!

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions about the products I have listed above, feel free to ask. Also, if you have questions about similar products ask and I will see how much I can help.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful springtime and won't forget to keep in touch!

Friday, April 15, 2011

First Blog Ever!!

So, this is my first blog ever and I doubt many people will read this but oh well! :) I am somewhat of a "noob" at this so bear with me while i attempt to get the hang of this blogging stuff ha ha ha.
Lately I have been IN LOVE with yellow eyeshadow, I have been experimenting and combining different eyeshadow with yellow eyeshadow. I think that just it being spring has really brought out my bright side! I am also obsessed with corals and greens (with the yellow looks amazing...foreshadowing for an upcoming look?) Mac's Primary Yellow Pigment is my current eyeshadow obsession!

 This is a look I came up with yesterday using some purples, a hot pink, and orange! I was thinking about doing a makeup tutorial on it. Why dont you guys let me know what you think :) It kind of reminds me of the beach sunset that I get the liberty of viewing every single day. I love the simple beauties of this universe and it continues to inspire me day after day.
Products used:
Mac's Parfait Amour (Purple on lid)
Mac's LaLa (Hot pink in crease)
Mac's Off the page (Orange above crease)
Mac's Nylon (Brow highlight)
Mac's Pink Freeze (Inner corner highlight)
Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline
Mac's Feline Kohl Pencil
Elf Natural Lash Kit

 I hope this blog hasn't been too boring for everyone! Thanks for listening to my thoughts and please share your own opinions! 

Have a Beautiful rest of your day!
Sunsets and Spring Time....Kelly