Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Fair Wedding With David Tutera Experience

I have so much to tell you guys! This last weekend, Saturday July 23rd, I had the opportunity to do the makeup for the show My Fair Wedding With David Tutera. The entire experience was just absolutely amazing! David Tutera himself is SO nice. He is so genuine as well as the show. All of the crew was so unbelievably nice and I really enjoyed my time there. Here is a photo of me and David on set!

My day started at 6:00 AM when I had to wake up and drive down to Los Angeles. We had to be on set by 9:30 AM in which we sat in the bridal suite and the back rooms of the church that the bride was to be married in. We had to sit in the back of the church while the bride/bridesmaids were filming with David. We got to listen through the door to David surprising them all with their dresses and shoes. They all really had no idea what he was going to and the dress he chose for the bride was $18,000(WOOOWW)! We finished makeup and hair around 2:00 PM and we were finally able to eat lunch. I sat with the crew and we all just talked and ate lunch. I felt like I was their best friend (haha)! The food was soooo good. Panera was catering and it was such a yummmy (and freee!) lunch. After lunch we had to do touch ups for pictures and then the ceremony started at 5:00 PM. We were told to stay for touch ups for the reception but none of the girls wanted touch ups. I don't blame them though, the ceremony was nothing compared to what David had in store for them at the reception! Afterwards David Tutera praised our work and promised that we would be getting a call to work on the show again. It was such an amazing day and I can not wait to return and visit all of my new friends! I will let you know when the episode airs and when it does, I will post pictures of the makeup that I was in charge of and some behind the scene photos!

I love you all and hope you are doing well :)


  1. Wow! Congrats thats sooo awesome!
    I can't wait to see your work on the show! =)

  2. Omg thats sooo cool! I freakin love that show :D

  3. is very nice your blog...
    I love makeup