Friday, September 9, 2011



I hope you are all doing well :) Today I want to quickly share with you my experience with the QVC Network! They are filming 10 segments in LA and I am lucky enough to be able to do the hair and makeup for the models who are selling the products on the show. All of the girls were extremely nice and the show was great! Luckily because I was working all night in LA, I missed the power outage that happened in San Diego where I live. The only thing that was not so fun was not getting home until 3 AM.
Because we were so busy the entire time, I was only able to take a few pictures of my work. I did the hair and makeup on both of these beautiful ladies :)

 The two photos above are taken of Ambrielle. She is so beautiful! One of the segments was a philosophy segment and they told me to put so much makeup on her that she looked like a clown. The product that they were selling was a face cleanser so it was supposed to come off real easily. I put some bright red lipstick on her and SO MUCH blush! Hahaha she did great!

This is Brittany. It was her birthday....Happy Birthday Brittany! She is so beautiful as well. Both of these girls were so incredibly nice and I cannot wait to work with them again on Saturday :)

As the weeks go on, I will continue to update you guys on all my work!:) Also, coming soon is a Fall 2011 trends makeup tutorial ANDDDDDD an eve pearl review/swatch video!

Keep in touch,

Kelly xoxo

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