Friday, April 15, 2011

First Blog Ever!!

So, this is my first blog ever and I doubt many people will read this but oh well! :) I am somewhat of a "noob" at this so bear with me while i attempt to get the hang of this blogging stuff ha ha ha.
Lately I have been IN LOVE with yellow eyeshadow, I have been experimenting and combining different eyeshadow with yellow eyeshadow. I think that just it being spring has really brought out my bright side! I am also obsessed with corals and greens (with the yellow looks amazing...foreshadowing for an upcoming look?) Mac's Primary Yellow Pigment is my current eyeshadow obsession!

 This is a look I came up with yesterday using some purples, a hot pink, and orange! I was thinking about doing a makeup tutorial on it. Why dont you guys let me know what you think :) It kind of reminds me of the beach sunset that I get the liberty of viewing every single day. I love the simple beauties of this universe and it continues to inspire me day after day.
Products used:
Mac's Parfait Amour (Purple on lid)
Mac's LaLa (Hot pink in crease)
Mac's Off the page (Orange above crease)
Mac's Nylon (Brow highlight)
Mac's Pink Freeze (Inner corner highlight)
Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline
Mac's Feline Kohl Pencil
Elf Natural Lash Kit

 I hope this blog hasn't been too boring for everyone! Thanks for listening to my thoughts and please share your own opinions! 

Have a Beautiful rest of your day!
Sunsets and Spring Time....Kelly

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