Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello my beautiful followers!

I apologize for the neglect to this blog these last 2 weeks. Finals have been absolutely dreadful but they're almost over with and I can finally devote more time to all of you!
For any of you who are not aware, I have made a more day-to-day blog where I make more random posts about my everyday life.
Here is the link

These last few days have been quite dreary and foggy. I began to notice a pattern in the way I do my makeup. This is pretty funny.
Here is a picture from last week when it was bright and sunny

Today was very foggy and  cloudy and this is how I did my makeup

I thought it was quite interesting to see the vast difference in how I did my makeup! Does this happen to any of you? I'm sure it does! I never even noticed how much the weather affects my mood and style but it truly does!

Anyways, I hope it starts to warm up so we can have more excuses to visit the beautiful beach!

Foggy weather and beach days...Kelly :)

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  1. Wauw Kelly!!
    This is very pretty what you do.
    I am a momma from 2 daughters from Holland and saw your video on YouTube.
    You do very pretty stuff with faces.
    I go learn it.
    Thanx for the video and keep going with it.
    Greets, Lillian