Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunless Tanner?

Hello everyone!
How is everyone spring so far?? It is sooooooo ridiculously hot where I live. Summer is going to be sososossosoo hot! Speaking of which, that starts June 21st! Make sure to wear lots and lots of sunscreen because we don't our beautiful little faces to get burnt! Sun is the number one damage causing entity to our skin, so protect it!! What I have been doing to keep my skin a golden color without loads of skin-damaging sun rays is applying the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer every single day. This stuff is honestly my new holy grail!! I was skeptical at first because I am so pale and just about any fake tanner is destined to turn me orange, but not this one! I am pleased to say that I am in love with the results. No orange, just a golden, natural-looking tan. OH YEAH, and did I mention that this entire bottle only cost me $7.50?? You can find it at just about any drug store, target, wal mart, ulta, etc. It is so inexpensive, especially compared to all of those high brands who charge like $75 a bottle.

I also bought the healthy complexion daily face moisturizer. Maybe it's because I was my face twice a day with an exfoliant that my skin doesn't get much color. I see a subtle difference but not nearly as much as i see with the rest of my body. I don't know what it is but this doesn't work as well as I had hoped but you could definitely give it a try! :)

In case you are interested I did a more in depth review on this product on my channel :) Don't forget to subscribe!

Here are also some before&after pictures. I took the second picture a week after using the lotion. My skin just looks SO much healthier doesn't it?!?! I absolutely love it and totally recommend it!

So all of you remember to keep you skin protected because sun exposure is not good for our skin and can have many serious consequences in the long run. Instead of tanning try using this sunless tanner and tell me what you think :)

Beautiful skin and sun-filled days...Kelly :)

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